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About us Pravinia Academy , Beauty Spa School in Bangkok Thailand


Pravinia Co.,ltd has been established on 5thApril of 2013 by Ms. Praweenooch Kitiwatbumrung CEO and Founder of Pravinia group. At that time Pravinia aim to empower women's economics by providing opportunities to enter a special program called  "200 Beauty and Spa Massage Therapist Projects". This project was to support women own beauty business to earn their family living by Studying at Pravinia with very special study fees. Our project was very successful and become talk of the town, by newspaper, magazine and Television program interview Ms. Praweenooch Kitiwatbumroong, our CEO and Founder.





Pravinia Academy is in Bangkok and  widely recognized in Thailand as the best Beauty and Spa School. We are recognized among group of celebrities, social media, television show, magazine as we are not only the best Beauty and Spa Training school, we are also expert in  Building Professional Certified Beauticians and Spa Therapists and also help setting up Beauty Business owners and /or Spa Entrepreneurs in Thailand. For the conclusion:


    • Pravinia Group are the Central Hub for Beauty and Spa Industry in Thailand.  
    • We have more than 3,000 ThaiCertified Beauticians and Spa Therapists in the list.  
    • We always support our students till they become successful beauty/spa entrepreneurs. 
    • We also have plenty of partners in Beauty, massage and spa business. 


Now a day, our vision is to become "The central hub for beauty and spa industry in Thailand to facilitate your business growth easier, faster and more convenient than ever".

And our mission is to "Provision of professional unique training service of Beauty and Spa massage course. And We are professional and expertise in...

Beauty Spa massage industry to help setting up management system.

Beauty Spa massage industry to become your partner

Beauty Spa massage Education provider 

Beauty Spa massage Business consultant



Beside, FACExercise MASSAGE Training which are our signature course, are fullly book at all time, Pravinia's others beauty spa and massage training couses are also popular, that our classes are always full.




One of the area specialize the most is face lifting and firming training course which we called FACExercise massage technique. The Pravinia natural Face Therapy Technique is a unique and specialized natural technique that removes fine lines and wrinkles from your face without the need of Surgery, Botox, Fillers, Thread Vein Lifts or any Chemicals what so ever.



The Pravinia Face Therapy Technique proves that you don’t need to undergo expensive procedures (which can often carrying negative side effects) in order to look younger. Wrinkles and expression lines on your face and neck can be eased to leave you with a more vibrant, youthful appearance. Skin may become softer, your eyes will appear brighter and your skin complexion much fresher and more toned. The bagginess and puffiness around your eyes and chin may be reduced and flexibility and mobility will return to your face.

As well as the visible benefits, clients often report feeling much more relaxed find they are sleeping better and obtaining relief from headaches and other stress related symptoms. 







In our face massage technique, we have adapted many technique of Thai massage, Swedish massage, Chinese guaza, Japanese acupressure and lymphatic Drainage altogether, in order to solve facial problems.  The all those techniques are called “deep tissue massage” which are related to muscle massage. Our facelift massage is a type of facial massag therapy. We adapted Ayurveda knowledge which is mostly use to massage the body and legs Ms. Praweenooch are one of the first person whom adapted Ayurveda knowledge  to solve facial problems which we called it “Facexercise therapy”. Face exercising not just only make your face look younger but it also solve many of your facial problems such as unbalance faces and redece of migraine symptoms.     


Apart from face massage we also includes other types of massage in our syllabus such as reflexology and lympathic drainage. Moreover, we also have a business course such as course on how to be a successful entrepreneur, mindset of successful person and a marketing course.